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SeamGuard™ WB expands the effectiveness of sealing seams and fasteners with water-based coating systems by adding 750% elongation and an enhanced adhesion package. The greater elongation and enhanced performance helps stop leaks and prevent future capillary action which can result in problems later.

SeamGuard WB, which applies by airless sprayer or roofing brush, saves costly labor of being on hands and knees as associated with tapes more typically required with water-based coatings. SeamGuard WB can plug up to 1/16″ gaps that you might not otherwise see. This liquid sealant applies in two coats after all seams and fasteners are tightened flush during roof preparation.

This seam sealer provides a labor-saving spray- or brush-on liquid sealer.

  • Seam and fastener sealer for use on Topps Seal® WB (water-based) applications
  • Applies in two coats to develop into an effective membrane-like seal that prevents wicking moisture
  • Accepts PolyCore™ fabric for making repairs and adding reinforcement where extra strength is required


Q. What makes SGWB so special?
A: Labor savings for one. Effectiveness against moisture seepage for two. All traditional competitors require taping all seams to help prevent leaks at these common entry points. That’s a lot of hours being on hands-and-knees to accomplish what SGWB does much quicker with a spray-on or brush-on application using long handled roofing brush. Capillary action causes most leakage along otherwise tightened seams. A SGWB strip along seams adds a product having over 750% elongation and 350psi ultimate strength. Typical water based coatings provide as little as 1/3 that. By incorporating SGWB you are improving your results at your project’s most critical areas.

Q. What about more critical areas, like suspect seams or terminations? Can I reinforce those using mesh like your PolyCore™ polyester cloth that comes in 4” or 6” wide rolls?
A: Absolutely. You simply use the mesh where needed most. This saves you more, and improves your outcome more, since SGWB adds protection needed against minor movement from thermal expansion/contraction.

Q. Is SGWB compatible with Topps Seal WB and also 100% acrylic products like TS Commercial WB 100% acrylic?
A: Yes

Q. Can I use SGWB with the Topps flagship non-water based roof coating like Topps Seal?
A: No. When using our non-water based products switch to Topps Seam/RivetGuard™.


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