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Dual purpose RAP™ rust conditioner & Primer saves both material and labor with its one-coat application that prepares rusty metal for coating with water-based Topps Seal® WB. This waterborne product chemically converts powdery rust into a more stable oxide that gets bound within a vinyl barrier as it dries and becomes the primer coat.

  • This water-borne product chemically converts rust to a more stable oxide when applied after power-washing
  • Dries into a primer that blocks future rust after coating
  • Apply only to rusty areas
  • Designed for use with water-based coatings only


Q: I need to use a water-based roof coating on my roof due to coding regulations. I also have a significant amount of rust on my roof already. What should I do to remove the rust?
A:  Topps has an excellent product to help prepare your rusted roof for a water-based coating. RAP™ actually converts rust into a more stable oxide and binds it into a primer layer for your water-based roof coating material.

Q: What do I need to do before applying RAP™?\
A: It is recommended that you scrub any loose rust off of your roof surface with a metal brush and then thoroughly power wash the surface before applying RAP™.

Q: How is RAP™ applied?
A: Apply RAP™ immediately after drying by pump-up sprayer, long handled roofing brush or roller, working it in for maximum absorption. RAP™ contains special penetrating agents to permeate and saturate rust. Working it in helps get best results.



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