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When resurfacing a bituminous roof it is important to use a powerful bonding product to ensure that your sealant adheres properly to the surface.

BondIt™ is the perfect bonding product for use on your bituminous system. The unique chemistry of BondIt™ strongly adheres Topps Seal® to the bitumen while simultaneously providing a layer of protection against color bleed-through. Apply as a single coat to all well-adhered bitumen, before fixing any problems or applying any coatings.

  • Instantly blocks color bleed-through from underlying bitumen
  • Assures maximum color development and reflectivity of the top coating
  • Enhances Topps Seal® adhesion to BUR, ModBit and other bituminous surfaces


Q: Why can’t I just apply Topps Seal® to my bituminous roof surface?
A:. It is necessary to prevent bleed-through. BondIt™ creates a barrier between the Topps Seal coating and the bitumen so that bleed-through from the bitumen will not occur.

Q: What does bleed-through refer to on a bitumenous roof project?
A: Topps Seal® adds durability and protection and prolongs the life of your roof. Bitumen distillates can seep into the sealing materials causing discoloration or “bleed-through”. By applying a barrier, like BondIt™ between your roof and the sealant you can prevent this unsightly problem.

Q: What kind of time requirements are involved in using BondIt™?
A: The time required for your project will depend upon the size of the roof you are treating. However, rest assured, when applied according to directions, BondIt™ can dry in as little as two hours.



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