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Andek Polaseal Penetrant Hardener


Restores & Strengthens Masonry, 1 Gallon

Polaseal Penetrant Hardener is a premium quality restorative treatment for concrete masonry materials. It is a water-based solution of polymeric silicates designed to be totally compatible with concrete and masonry. When applied to a masonry substrate, Polaseal Penetrant Hardener penetrates and deposits its polymeric silicate active ingredients. Two simultaneous reactions occur: first, the silicates react with free lime in the substrate to form a stable calcium silicate structure. Second, remaining unreacted silicates fuse together to add additional strength. Polaseal Penetrant Hardener will add strength, even to new concrete. The amount of improvement will vary from case to case, depending on the porosity and chemical makeup of the substrate. A test application is always recommended to determine capability and effectiveness of the application in advance.

Technical Details

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